Why An AR?

Why Use EU/UK Authorised Representative Services?

Effective from July 16th, 2021, the Market Surveillance Regulation adopted by the European Commission requires that every business from outside the EU selling products directly or indirectly (through ecommerce platforms) must have either an importer or an authorised representative located in the EU.

They will act as a liaison between the manufacturer and a national authority within the EU. The address of this economic operator must be clearly visible on the product or packaging. The purpose is to minimise the risk of unsafe products entering the market.

24hour-AR represents you as your Authorised Representative in all EU countries.

Also, the UK requires an economic operator located within the UK when selling products on the UK market.

Manufacturers wishing to sell within the UK, but based outside the UK (including those based in the remaining 27 European countries), must have representation within the UK.

The UK guidance on placing manufactured goods on the market in the UK states the following:

Great Britain does not recognise authorised representatives and responsible persons based in the EU. If you need to (or choose to) use an authorised representative or responsible person, they will need to be based in the UK for products being placed on the GB market.


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