How It Works

You need a legal representative in Europe and the UK before marketing products there. An authorised representative, located in the EU or UK, acts as a liaison between the manufacturer based outside of the EU or UK and a national authority.

As your authorised representative, we provide you with our address, which must be clearly visible on the product, packaging, or in any accompanying documentation.

Besides providing our address, as your authorised representative we also provide the following services, as described in the relevant legislation:

Verify that the EU declaration of conformity or declaration of performance and technical documentation are present, if these documents are required.

Upon request, provide market authorities with the information necessary to demonstrate the conformity of a product.

Cooperate with and inform market surveillance authorities.

The process to sign us as your AR

These tasks are described in the AR Agreement. The step-by-step process to sign us as your authorised representative is as follows:

1. Fill in the Get Started form.

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2. Follow the instructions that you receive from us to upload your technical file

  • We will confirm the annual costs for our service. Our prices can also be found here.
  • We will ask you to provide us with your company information that we need to prepare the AR Mandate.
  • We send you the AR Agreement (or Agreements if you choose both EU and UK) for your review.
  • Sounds feasible? You sign the Agreement(s).
  • You receive the invoice and instructions to upload your technical file.
  • Once the payment and technical file has been received, we review the technical file within 24 hours,

3. Once the documentation is checked and confirmed, we sign the AR Agreement and you can start using our address.

Do you want to move swiftly? You can also choose the option to Checkout immediately in the Get Started form.

Our service is fast, smooth, and professional, like a legislation Ninja!

Authorised representative EU

With Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 coming into force, every business from outside the EU selling products directly or indirectly must have either an importer or an authorised representative located in the EU.

The authorised representative acts as a liaison between the manufacturer based outside of the EU and a national authority within the EU. The tasks of the economic operator, such as verifying that there is a technical file and declaration of conformity present, are determined by the Regulation.

Sell your product in Europe directly, online, or via a fulfilment service provider confidently. We will take care of the legal requirements and regulations enforced by the EU authorities.

With offices in both the EU (UmeƄ, Sweden, the Netherlands) and the UK (London, England), we can provide you with both addresses, so you can do business easily anywhere in the EU and/or UK.


Authorised representative UK

The UK also requires an economic operator located within the UK when selling products on the UK market. Manufacturers wishing to sell within the UK, but based outside the UK (including those based in the remaining 27 European countries), must have representation within the UK.

This is regulated in the market surveillance framework based on Decision EC 765/2008 and the EU Exit Regulations 2019 (such as 2019 No. 696, page 15).

The UK guidance on placing manufactured goods on the market in the UK states the following:

Great Britain does not recognise authorised representatives and responsible persons based in the EU. If you need to (or choose to) use an authorised representative or responsible person, they will need to be based in the UK for products being placed on the UK market.


With offices in the EU and the UK, we can provide you with the addresses for both markets, so you can do business easily anywhere in the EU and/or UK.

How we can help you

In addition to the EU and UK authorised representative services we offer the following services:

  • Identify directives and standards
  • Identify requirements on:
    • the technical file
    • the required testing
    • the product marking
    • the packaging
    • the user instructions

  • Review your documentation
  • Labeling and symbols inspection
  • Inspection of test reports
  • Inspection of the user manual
  • Inspection of the risk analysis
  • CE/UKCA Declaration of Conformity examination
  • Determine what is missing

  • Compliance consulting, including explaining the compliance requirements to your supplier
  • Help with drawing up the technical file and other relevant documentation
  • Product labeling, packaging labeling, and user manual support
  • Completing and creating your risk analysis and user manuals
  • Conducting mandatory testing, such as EMCD, LVD, RED tests according to all relevant standards
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