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24hour-AR: Your Passport to Selling Products in the EU and UK

Most companies take two weeks or more to act as an Authorised Representative (AR). However, 24hour-AR can become your legal representative in just 24 hours.

Our company is a legal AR, acting as a legal entity representing non-European Union manufacturers, exporters, and e-commerce businesses from outside the EU, and/or representing non-UK businesses from outside the UK. We ensure your company complies with requirements enforced by the EU and/or UK authorities so you can do business easily anywhere in the EU and/or UK.

Use our services to avoid legal pitfalls by placing our EU and/or UK address on your product, packaging, or labelling. You may also add the address to an accompanying document if needed.

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Don’t Risk Having Your Products Turned Back!

Does one of the following apply to you?

1. You Sell Direct-To-Customer

Each product must have the economic operator’s address printed on the product, packaging, or elsewhere. Without it, your products are not allowed to enter the European Union and/or UK.

For businesses located outside the EU or UK, you have two options: You can have either an official importer or an AR within the EU or UK. As your AR, you can legally use our address to gain access to the European or British market.

2. You Sell Through E-Commerce Websites

To sell your products on fulfillment platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, or Etsy, you must use a valid economic operator address established in the EU and/or UK. These platforms won’t allow you to sell on them without the address, and you cannot use theirs.


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With Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 coming into force, every business from outside the EU selling products directly or indirectly must have either an importer or an AR located in the EU.

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The UK also requires an economic operator located within the UK when selling products on the UK market. Manufacturers wishing to sell within the UK, but based outside the UK (including those based in the remaining 27 European countries), must have representation within the UK.

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Compliance (UKCA / CE)

In addition to the EU and UK AR services we offer the following services:

  • Find the relevant requirements for your product
  • Check your technical file for compliance with the requirements and identify gaps
  • Closing the gaps (e.g. by conducting a risk assessment, testing at test labs, and creating the user instructions)

Frequently Asked Questions

This section helps you understand all questions regarding the legal aspects of an AR and the ins and outs of our services.

If you are a business from outside the EU or UK selling products directly or indirectly in these markets and you don't have a legal point of contact yet within the EU or UK (such as an importer), then you need an AR for many products.

Yes, we can certainly help you with this as we offer UK AR services through subsidiary 24hour Solutions Ltd. Contact us here.

We offer services in, amongst others, the following product groups.

  • Toys
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Machinery
  • Measuring equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Construction products regulation (CPR)
  • Textiles
  • And many more

The following products are currently not supported. However, we partner with other companies that do so please contact us for more information.

  • Cosmetic products
  • Medical devices
  • Food products (that you can eat)
  • Biocides, paint and other chemical products or solvents
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals

Maybe. The below directives are special in the sense that you need to register with an AR locally in each country of sale, if you do not have an importer who is geographically placed in the country, this can be a bit of a hassle. However, we partner with other companies that help out with this part, please contact us for more information.

  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment directive – 2012/19/EU
  • Battery directive
  • Packaging and packaging waste
We can help you determine if your product falls under these regulations. Contact us here.

Having an AR is one of the many requirements that you need to comply with to access the European market. The area of compliance is very complex and most of the time the product needs to comply with several directives or regulations. Understanding the requirements are therefore essential and the very first step in CE or UKCA compliance. The 6-step UKCA/CE marking process specifically describes this as the primary first step:

  1. Find the directive(s) that applies/apply to your product.
  2. Identify the essential requirements for your product.
  3. Determine if you need third-party certification.
  4. Assess product conformity.
  5. Create and maintain technical documentation.
  6. Declaration of conformity & affixing the CE/UKCA Mark.
Do you want to know more about how we can help you comply? Click here to read more.

You can place the address on the packaging, product and/or any accompanying document.

  • Upload your technical files. A technical file typically includes, but is not limited to, test reports, a user manual, etc.
  • Upload your declaration of conformity (DoC). See examples of templates for the DoC here:

The review that is part of our service is only for verifying the presence of a technical file. The content as such is not reviewed on completeness and authenticity and the responsibility and liability remains with the manufacturer. A gap analysis for determining that all requirements in the directives and regulations or a full compliance check can be performed at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information.

Besides our AR services, we offer testing, consulting, certification and labeling, quality assurance and inspection services. We provide simple, reliable and affordable compliance solutions for various types of products. Before you sell your products, you must ensure they meet the rules, regulations, and laws of the market where you sell your products.

Once you have registered and made the payment, you will automatically receive an email to upload your files.

Once you have registered and made the payment, you will automatically receive an email to upload your files.

The annual fee depends on the number and type of products but the following is generally true: - Up to 20 products 1650€ - Up to 50 products 2750€ - Up to 1000 products 3850€ Please reach out to us for a quote! The fee includes guaranteed fast and professional service, and we:

  • verify the Declaration of Conformity and technical file
  • store the documents for 10 years
  • provide the legal use of our address
You receive a discount when you purchase both our EU and UK AR services.

Yes, that's due to Brexit. But EU businesses also need an AR in the GB market.

We ask you to register through our website and complete the payment. You will then automatically receive an email to upload your technical file. Once received, we review the technical file within 24 hours. After reviewing (but within the 24 hours) we send you the AR Agreement.

Amazon uses ‘responsible person’ on their website, by which they mean the economic operator. This can either be the manufacturer, importer or AR.

No, the legislation also applies to B2B businesses.

An authorised representative (AR) is a legal entity within the EU or the UK that acts on behalf of non-European manufacturers to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Without an AR, your products cannot legally enter the EU or the UK markets. An AR verifies that the Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and technical documentation have been drawn up and acts as a liaison with regulatory authorities. If gaps are found during verification, further support to ensure that the product meets all regulations and standards can be provided as part of additional compliance services. Customs clearance: Products without a valid economic operator address may be denied entry, destroyed, or recalled during customs inspections. Market surveillance: Regulatory authorities in the EU and the UK perform regular checks to ensure product compliance. An AR acts as a point of contact for these authorities.

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