What are market surveillance authorities?

Market surveillance authorities (MSAs) are authorities appointed by a member state as responsible for carrying out market surveillance in that member state. They monitor and enforce the compliance of products with European product safety laws. Different authorities enforce different aspects of legislation, such as legislation for consumer or professional use of products, or environmental legislation.

Examples of market surveillance authorities

An example of a market surveillance authority is the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit). They are an executive enforcement and research agency of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and are tasked with supervision, risk assessment, and risk communication relating to the safety of food and other products. They monitor risks to humans, animals, and nature, carry out assessments and take action where necessary.

The Swedish Konsumentverket (Consumer Agency) is another good example. They are a government agency tasked with safeguarding consumer interests. Their main tasks are to ensure the safety of products and services and to ensure that companies abide by the appropriate laws. Additionally, they provide independent guidance to consumers regarding the purchasing of goods and services from countries within the EU, supporting them in becoming informed consumers.

By Ferry | April 12, 2022
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