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Do You Need an Authorised Representative?

You need a legal representative in Europe and the UK before marketing products there.

EU and UK regulations require that every business from outside the EU or UK selling products directly or indirectly (through ecommerce platforms) must have either an importer or an authorised representative located in the EU or UK.

24hour-AR is an Authorised Representative, acting as a legal entity representing non-EU manufacturers, exporters, and e-commerce businesses from outside the EU, and/or representing non-UK businesses from outside the UK. We ensure your company complies with requirements enforced by the EU and/or UK authorities so you can do business easily anywhere in the EU and/or UK.

Register Us as Your Official AR

Registering 24hour-AR as your authorised representative is an easy 3-step process:

  1. Fill in the Get Started form below
  2. Follow the instructions that you receive from us to upload your technical file
  3. We sign the AR Agreement and you can start using our address

We sign the AR Agreement and you can start using our address.

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An Authorised Representative is a natural or legal person who acts on behalf of the manufacturer to comply with the EU and UK Directives.

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