CE Marking Support

How We Help: CE Marking Support

If you want to take the risk and guesswork out of CE marking and make sure you’re doing it right, reach out to us. 

There are three different ways we can help:

  1. We can identify the requirements that apply to your product, to eliminate any uncertainty and give you a clear path to compliance. (Starting at 1188 euros)
  2. If you’ve already done some work towards compiling the technical file, we can look it over and identify any gaps during a gap analysis. (The cost for a gap analysis for most products is 2082 euros and always includes a requirements research as well.)
  3. If we spot any gaps, we can help you close those gaps and achieve full compliance. (Price to be determined once we know what the gaps are.)

We are ready to help. Send us an email at ce@24hour-AR.com and let’s chat to discuss your specific business needs. 

If you still need more info, below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about our services:

When would I need a requirement analysis? When would I need a gap analysis? 

If you’re not sure about which laws apply to your product, a requirement analysis is the first step to take. This also means that if you need help drafting your declaration of conformity, we’ll first have to conduct a requirement analysis to identify which directives and standards should be stated on the declaration.

If there are any doubts about whether your technical file is complete, you would also need to do a gap analysis. 

When would I need both a requirement and gap analysis?

We cannot do a gap analysis without doing a requirement analysis first. So in case you want to know if your technical documentation is complete, we will first conduct a requirement analysis, before doing a gap analysis. For example, if you’re currently working with a supplier that already carried out some of the mandatory tests, we’ll first need to find out if their documents meet all the requirements, or if you will need more.  We can only do this by identifying the applicable requirements first, as these determine what should be included in your file. 

I’m selling products online and the marketplace asks for a declaration of conformity. What do I need to choose?

Once you’ve identified the requirements and compiled your technical file, the declaration of conformity is the next step. We’ve made this as easy as possible with a downloadable template. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the right one for your specific product. 

We’ve developed our own product or machinery. How can you help? 

If you’ve developed your own product or machinery, identifying the requirements and standards that apply should be an integral part of your development process. If you need an additional set of eyes to make sure you’ve used the right available standards, we can help. 

Also, conducting a risk assessment should be an important part of your design process. We can help with this and determine if any measures should be taken to reduce risk. 

More questions? Ready to begin the process? Send us an email at ce@24hour-AR.com.